Welcome to the ERSO TV page!

Here you can watch all the on-demand and live concerts of the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra. During 2021/2022 anniversary season the concerts are free to watch but a voluntary support is very much appreciated.

Enjoy all the concerts in the comfort of your own home with the best picture and sound!

Support Estonian National Symphony Orchestra


The ERSO Friends Club is for people who value high culture and, in addition to attending concerts, wish to support it with more. As a way of expressing gratitude, ERSO offers their friends unique experiences, discounts, and special events.

You can choose between two directions in supporting ERSO.

1. Introduction of symphonic music to disadvantaged or disabled young people and large families, i.e. people who would otherwise be unable to attend the concerts of ERSO. With this support, we can, for example, organise youth programmes and public rehearsals, where we introduce the daily life of the orchestra.

2. Support for the musicians of ERSO. This enables to order tailored performance outfits and ergonomic hearing protection equipment for the musicians and to expand their sporting opportunities.

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